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Our Shipping & Return Policy

Due to the fact that your order is completely custom-made for you, we do not accept returns (with the exception of a mistake on our part). Cushion Connection does not inventory or warehouse any of our products offered on the website, and we only market our products online. We have no way of reselling any cushions made to your custom specifications. Order shortages, damages or discrepancies must be claimed within two (2) days of receipt of the order.

If a customer refuses a package that has not been damaged during shipping, they will be charged for any charges that Cushion Connection incurs in having the package(s) returned to us. If a person refuses a package that has not been damaged during shipping, they cannot receive any credits by simply refusing the delivery, and they will incur an additional charge for any return fees we incur after the package is refused. The refused package shall remain in the possession of Cushion Connection until such time as the customer remits payment for us to send the items again. If payment is not received within 30 days of the first failed delivery, then the item is forfeited.

Shipping Costs

Orders Up to $100 – $10
Orders $100 to $500 – 10%
Orders $500 and above 7%

Incorrect Shipping Information/Redelivery Fees

If Cushion Connection incurs additional shipping costs and fees due to customer address entry error, the customer will be charged for the additional cost. If incorrect shipping information is submitted, you will be responsible for any fees associated with redirecting your deliveries and/or lost merchandise.

Damage in Shipping

Please check your order immediately upon delivery. If the package appears damaged, refuse the shipment. We cannot go back and request reimbursement from the shipping company if the damaged package is accepted, so it is best to refuse such packages upon delivery.

Warranty Items

Cushion Connection products are covered under warranty for one (1) year for normal wear and tear.

In order to process your warranty claim, please follow these procedures so that we may expedite our service to you:

Notify Cushion Connection of the concern with your product(s).
A Cushion Connection employee will assist you with processing your claim. We require photographs of the damaged items. Please email us images no larger than 300 KB each. 4 x 6 photographs can also be mailed to our offices if you are unable to email them.
If the concern is covered under warranty, Cushion Connection will direct you to either return the product or part to our offices.
The return will not be accepted without a Return Authorization Number that Cushion Connection customer service representative will provide to you.
You will be provided an address to which you can return your order. An entire replacement, replacement part, or repaired product will be sent to you after the return is verified by Cushion Connection customer service representative.
If a problem occurs after the warranty period, you may request a repair or replacement quote after inspection of the damage. Freight charges both ways will be your responsibility

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us at:

1 844-504-2874