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How to Measure

Measuring Patio Cushions

The first step in selecting cushions that will fit your patio furniture is knowing how to measure the furniture. You can measure your existing cushions or the patio furniture itself. Once you have taken the measurements, you should be able to easily find made to measure outdoor cushions that you need.

Measurements Presented on Our Site

Width x Depth x Height

Length x Width x Height x Hinge/Break

Important Tips

Older cushions tend to spread or flatten out over time and may throw off measurements

Remember not to flatten or press your cushions down while measuring

Make sure to measure seam to seam, not edge to edge

Measuring a Seat or Bench Pad

Measuring a Hinged Chair Cushion

Measuring a Deep Seating Cushion

Measuring Patio Furniture

The following are instructions on how to measure furniture for your new patio cushions.

Important Tips

When measuring your outdoor furniture, a good tip is to try to imagine new, made to measure outdoor cushions sitting on your furniture. This helps to know how high and far you would like the cushions to come to the new edges.

Back and seat measurements are very important as these will tell you where the hinge will be.

Measuring Chaise Cushions and Chaise Frames

Measuring a Bench Frame