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How to Order Swatches

To ensure that you are happy with your fabric selection and order choices, Cushion Connection allows customers to order up to 8 free swatches.

Ordering swatches is simple. Just follow these easy steps:


Select any of our products that you are interested in.


Once you are on a product page, you will see our fabric options on the right of the page.


Click on the fabric you are interested in (fabrics can be searched by brand, pattern type and color).


Once selected, click on the “Request Swatch” button located towards the top of the page, and a swatch of your selected color will be added to your cart. You can repeat this process up to 8 times.


When you have completed your swatch selections, check out and your swatches will be shipped via USPS within 48 hours.


For more assistance, please call us at 844-504-2874 (CUSH) or email info@cushionconnection.com.