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How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Cushions

Taking time to relax outside is a fantastic pastime throughout the year, no matter the season! Whether you’re enjoying a warm summer afternoon or a cool fall night with friends, quality outdoor cushions deliver a comfortable outdoor living experience.

Purchasing high-quality outdoor furniture and comfortable outdoor cushions is an investment in your home, and it’s important to protect any investment! So, what is the best way to care for your outdoor furniture? How do you care for outdoor cushions? While the answer may vary depending on the type of material, there are some basic ways to make sure you’ve got basic protection in place for your outdoor cushions.

Outdoor Headrest Pillow from Cushion Connection

Pick the Right Fabric Before You Buy

The first step in protecting your furniture comes before it’s even in your backyard – make sure that you’re picking the right fabric! While they’re commonly used in other areas of the home, cotton materials are not water-resistant and can bring mold and mildew if they are exposed to the elements. Other materials, like vinyl, can trap heat and create an uncomfortable (and potentially even dangerous) situation during the peak of summer.

At Cushion Connection, our entire collection is made of acrylic, polyester, or jacquard to provide our customers with a range of options based on their specific needs. These fabrics are designed for outdoor use, repelling mold and mildew while also acting as a UV-resistant material to combat sun damage. So whether you’re shopping for new outdoor cushions with us or at another retailer, considering the fabric is the first step in finding long-lasting outdoor cushions.

Get Outdoor Cushions with UV Protection

We’ve already mentioned it, but it’s worth mentioning again – choose cushions with UV protection in outdoor fabrics. Over their entire lifespan, cushions tend to spend a lot of time in the sun, leading to gradual fading over time. While cushions with UV protection are becoming more common on the market (including from our team at Cushion Connection), many after-market sprays can provide an extra layer of protection against the sun’s rays.

Where to Store Outdoor Cushions

Whether you’ve got a garage, an outbuilding, or simply a shady spot on your property, properly storying your outdoor furniture helps protect it from the elements and significantly extend its life. Outdoor cushions are often more durable and reliable than indoor cushions, but knowing how to properly store cushions is still important to ensure that no damage is done while they’re packed away between seasons.

Outdoor cushions should be stored at the end of each season, preferably in an airtight container or in a dedicated storage space that is away from the elements. Outdoor cushions can be damaged by rainwater or insects if they aren’t properly packed away after use, often causing irreparable damage. Taking a few extra minutes to clean and pack your cushions can make the difference between purchasing new cushions every year, or having long-lasting cushions that bring joy to your outdoor living setup for years to come.

Striped Outdoor Cushions from Cushion Connection

Clean Your Outdoor Cushions Regularly

The first step in storing outdoor cushions for the season should be to thoroughly clean them, rinsing off the residue, and removing any dirt or debris. Cleaning processes can vary depending on the material, so it’s always best to check with your cushion manufacturer or reseller to ensure that you’re taking the right steps to clean and store your cushions for the season.

Click here for more specific details on how to clean your outdoor cushions.

When you’ve found the perfect set of outdoor living cushions, it’s important to take care of them so that you and your guests can enjoy their comfort for years to come! Cushion Connection offers a one-year warranty that covers all normal wear and tear to show that we stand behind our products. Explore our entire collection of hundreds of cushions with over 400 fabric choices to find your perfect look today!