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How To Pick Colors For Your Patio

Choosing the right color scheme for your outdoor space can be more difficult than you’d expect. From going bold to keeping it neutral, we’ve got color selecting tips for the season. While black, white, and other neutral hues are common for patio furniture, the choice is always yours!

Where to begin?

So where should you start? As a rule of thumb, you should start by choosing the color of your table, since it’s the biggest item of furniture in your set. Next, you should focus on the color of the seats. Try to have at least two seats in the same color as your table to ensure your patio looks balanced. This is the starting point for your color combination.

Keep it Neutral

Try pulling neutral shades and accent colors from your surroundings to create your patio’s color palette. What colors do you see in your stonework, coping around your pool, or in the stucco or brick of your home? If you have a swimming pool, is your water more turquoise, or is it a deeper blue? What colors do you use in your landscaping?
Many of the neutrals you see have gold or gray undertones. It’s best to work with neutral fabrics in the same color family. Many neutrals feature textured weaves instead of colorful designs, allowing you to achieve a more natural look.

Go Bold

Our best advice on going bold? Paint your furniture your favorite colors! After all, it’s your home oasis, so paint it whatever color you fancy.  Selecting bright colors for your furnishings and outdoor decor can completely change and enhance the appearance of your home. Merging bright colors with textural and decorative fabrics and playful decorations creates a more energizing look and feel to your outdoor space. But be careful; too bold and you can overwhelm the space. You want your décor to flow in tandem with the plants and other fixtures in your yard, and too many bright colors on your patio can clash with the natural glow of the surrounding environment.

Balance Bright with Light

Bold-color pieces are wonderful for establishing a focal point or defining different areas in an outdoor space. But left to themselves, they can overpower even a very large area. One decorating trick is to make sure to balance bright hues with equal amounts of light, neutral, or dark pieces.

The color scheme of your patio and outdoor space holds a significant influence on the ambiance of your outdoor gatherings and barbecues (not to mention your much-needed self-care days). A few carefully chosen accents and a tasteful color scheme will create an upscale-looking space that promotes relaxation and ease.

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