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Easy Patio Design Ideas to Build a Better Backyard Living Space

Patio furniture is a fundamental part of backyard living. It’s an extension of your home that lets you relax, unwind, and entertain in the great outdoors. However, piecing together the right patio furniture and patio cushion collection is an investment. Here are some helpful tips to help guide your patio furniture purchases and help you make the most of your outdoor living space.

Pick the Right Outdoor Furniture

When the time comes to start choosing pieces of your outdoor furniture collection, plan your purchases based on how you’ll actually be using the space. The design and layout of a cozy nook for backyard date nights can look very different from a large area used for outdoor dinner parties. From outdoor sofas and chaise lounges to dining tables and benches, the possibilities are endless for how you can design your perfect patio space.

It’s also important to consider the long-term quality of your furniture’s material. While outdoor wicker furniture is beautiful, it may not hold up as well against the elements as compared to plastic or metal. However, the options are almost limitless for covered spaces! No matter what you have in mind, manufacturers around the world provide a wide variety of options that help deliver exactly what you need to piece together your perfect patio design.

Choosing the Best Fabric for Outdoor Cushions

Having great furniture is step one, but cushions and pillows add extra comfort to your backyard paradise, making it even more comfortable and welcoming for friends and family. When choosing your outdoor living accessories, it’s essential to make sure that fabrics are made to last against the elements. Cushion Connection uses mold- and mildew-resistant acrylic, polyester, and polyester/olefin jacquard for all products. Resistant materials ensure that your investment in outdoor living cushions and accessories will pay off for many seasons to come.

Outdoor Living Accessories from Cushion Connection

Accessorize Your Outdoor Living Space

Cushions and pillows can add the perfect mix of comfort and style to your space, but they’re just the beginning of what’s possible when it comes to customizing your outdoor look. The right lighting can completely transform the look and feel of a space, setting an ambiance for a relaxing evening or livening up the room for an exciting evening ahead. For those with an outdoor pergola or overhead cover, string lights are a touch that can go a long way without breaking the bank! Cushion Connection’s outdoor curtains are durable and made to order with hundreds of fabric choices to match your designs. If you enjoy a relaxing day by the pool, pool stools combine beautiful designs and utility for a piece of furniture that can be a seat, a side table, a footrest, and so much more.

Above all else, remember that designing your outdoor living space is perfect for tapping into your creative side! Your backyard patio space is a blank canvas, ready for you to make your vision a reality. Whether you’re for something simple or are ready to build an elegant outdoor paradise, have fun and make it your own – it’s the passion that makes a difference.

Cushion Connection is happy to deliver over 400 fabric color choices that come together to create your perfect look! Explore our entire selection of outdoor cushions, pillows, and accessories to piece together a space that you’ll fall in love with now and continue to love for years to come.