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5 Backyard Décor Ideas for This Summer

As June 20 marks the commencement of summer, it presents an ideal opportunity to retreat to your own backyard haven. Crafting a splendid and cozy outdoor living area enables you and your visitors to embrace the essence of summer completely. For numerous enthusiasts of DIY home enhancement, this time of year offers the perfect chance to revamp your patio, convert your terrace, and curate the ultimate getaway for enjoyable moments with loved ones and friends.

Looking for some inspiration for your next project? Here are 5 décor ideas that can help elevate your backyard patio and elevate your outdoor living this season.

Comfortable Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs (with Cushions!)

Get hold of a book, pour your favorite drink, and bask in the sunlight! Outdoor chaise lounges present an excellent choice for individuals who want to stretch out and soak up some rays. These chairs come in a diverse range of metals and woods, offering abundant options that suit your personal style. The majority of outdoor chaise lounges come with multiple reclining positions, allowing you to discover your ideal level of comfort. Outdoor chaise lounge cushions combine comfort with style, ensuring they complement the aesthetics of your outdoor living area while providing a cozy haven to relish the outdoors.

Add Outdoor Seating for the Whole Family

Whether you’re welcoming family for summer holidays or throwing a party with friends, being caught without enough seats for everyone is never ideal. Envision your outdoor living space as a blank canvas for creativity – a space where you can shape it to your desires. From rustic outdoor benches to sophisticated dining sets, outdoor wicker chairs, and beyond, you can fashion a space that offers relaxation to both you and your guests. Enhancing the comfort further are the deep seating outdoor cushions for chaise lounges, ottomans, wicker seating, and more, ensuring heightened comfort throughout the entire season. You’ll develop a fond attachment to your seating arrangements (and your guests will eagerly await their next visit!)

Install Outdoor Umbrellas That Last

While reveling in the summer sunshine is delightful, everyone appreciates a cool, shaded haven to unwind and perhaps take a brief nap. Were you aware that being beneath an umbrella can create a sensation of being 10 to 15 degrees cooler? Umbrellas serve as the ultimate embellishment for your patio, offering a swift respite from the scorching summer heat. Their functionality is matched by their aesthetic appeal – at Cushion Connection, you’ll find a selection of over 400 umbrella fabrics, allowing you to craft the perfect complement to your space. When you’re making an investment in an umbrella, prioritizing durability is paramount. Opting for a budget umbrella might suffice for the summer months, but it’s more prone to rapid deterioration due to regular wear and tear. In contrast, well-crafted umbrellas supported by dependable workmanship might entail a slightly higher upfront cost compared to their cut-rate counterparts, yet you’ll relish their refreshing shade and exquisite design for many years to come.

Bring Poolside Seating with Pool Stools

Incorporating a pool stool (or even a couple!) into your array of outdoor furniture can significantly elevate the aesthetics of your backyard patio. With an extensive range of colors available, pool stools serve as fantastic options for propping up your feet, doubling as convenient side tables for beverages and snacks, or even providing extra seating around the pool or by the fire pit. Crafted from densely packed foam ensconced in polyester and wrapped in a custom slipcover tailored from the diverse fabric choices provided by Cushion Connection, these pool stools are not only water-resistant and weather-treated but also become cherished accessories that enhance your outdoor space throughout every season.

Add Privacy with Outdoor Curtain Panels

Transforming your outdoor area into a secluded sanctuary doesn’t necessitate home expansions; instead, outdoor curtains serve as the ideal solution. These curtains offer the dual benefits of shielding you from the summer sun and allowing refreshing breezes to permeate, all while aligning seamlessly with your furniture and aesthetic preferences. Radiating both beauty and robustness, outdoor curtain panels infuse an air of sophistication into your veranda, terrace, or patio, preserving the breezy ambiance that makes outdoor living so enchanting. Be it a leisurely brunch al fresco or a delightful evening spent outside, these outdoor curtains guarantee the comfort and seclusion you rightfully desire across every corner of your space.

Backyards provide the quintessential outdoor living encounter. From lively barbecues and gatherings to serene weekends spent at home, your backyard stands as an ever-ready sanctuary. With a legacy spanning more than three decades, Cushion Connection has been dedicated to furnishing top-tier outdoor cushions and accessories to patrons throughout the United States. Our repertoire includes premium fabrics sourced from industry leaders such as Sunbrella, Hanamint, Kingsley Bate, and an array of over 400 additional fabric choices, enabling our clientele to forge a distinctive ambiance for their space that resonates with their individual style. Our devotion lies in assisting you in crafting an outdoor haven that mirrors your singular essence.

Browse Cushion Connection today to see our entire catalog of deep seating cushions, seat pads, pillows, and more – all ready to help you make the most of this summer’s backyard living.