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70" x 23"  Chaise Cushion

70" x 23" Chaise Cushion

Product Review (submitted on June 18, 2014):
As a 1st time buyer we found the following problems. item (1) the cushion was only 21 1/2" inches wide, not 23".. Our Woodard Chaise lounge is 25" wide making the cushion 21 1/2" width too narrow and uncomfortable as your legs catch the metal sides getting on and off or when you are using it to sit on like a chair. A full 23" would have work at least somewhat better.
Item (2) The color we ordered appeared more gray when we selected it. It actually is a light green color. We know that problem sometimes happens due to difference in how computer monitors display color. We do not feel this is any fault of yours. We will ask for a color swatch next time prior to placing an order. You might add a caution to your web site with regards to the color. As for us we would be willing to order a color swatch or two and pay the postage to send it or them if there is more than one.
Other than those two items we found the Quality of the finished product and the fabric excellent. We also found your customer service also very good. As for us we learned a lot on this 1st order and we have a better understanding of how to pick colors and material and will be able to work with your customer service as we certainly are not unhappy with your company or staff... Tom and Charlotte Walker, Camano Island Washington..